Success Stories by BABY UNIVERSE's Customers
(a series of 10)

My name is Takanori Igarashi, CEO of Baby Universe Inc.
Our company has developed custom software for various customers for 28 years since we were established. There have been amazing strategies by them and a lot of wonderful functions in the products.
I believe sharing the success stories by our customers will be tips for sales growth and work efficiency on your business.
Therefore, I am going to release our newsletters to introduce you the stories twice a month, which will be total 10 stories.

Now download the entire story Please.

1:A win-win outcome strategy in a Japanese leading printing company. 2 : An aggressive cost reduction : AI simulator strategy in a Japanese LED sign maker. 3 : A high-flying outdoor clothing brand. 4: Top Toymaker in Japan manufactures hundreds of boxes for thirteen languages. 5: Request for development of CAD for Fact Sheet from top real estate company.
6: Customer retention strategy by corrugated box manufacturer. 7 : Outlined Font Recognition Technology. 8 : Completely Eliminate Printing Errors in List of Ingredients. 9: Assist Tool for Producing Game Character. 10: Auto-generated tool for Infographic.